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About Riverview Garage

Riverview Garage

Since 1978, Riverview Garage has been providing quality mechanical repair to cars and trucks, as well as servicing the vehicles we sell. Our services include routine maintenance such as oil change and lubrication; tire replacement, rotation and balance, Vermont State Inspection, brakes, exhaust and much more. Our rates are competitive and we can provide references for the workmanship we offer. Please contact us about your next vehicle service! Our History: Riverview Garage was established as Ray's Used Cars by Raymond Lamare in 1971. At this point in the facility's history, there were two "Phillips 66" gasoline pumps, a full-service repair station, and a selling lot of 20 used vehicles. Raymond Lamare owned and operated the station until Peter Fecteau purchased it in 1978. Peter maintained the sale of gasoline into the mid-80's when he had the pumps removed and began to operate solely as a service center—as well as a show space for quality pre-owned vehicles. For many years Peter operated with himself and one mechanic on duty. Today Riverview employs several, has 4 bays with lifts, and a lot that typically hosts over 40 vehicles. Riverview sells only quality southern rust free vehicles and on most vehicles, will provide a limited 6 month warranty on the powertrain and all major components. (In addition to well known manufacturers, Riverview is one of the few dealers that often has classic cars from the 1960s and 1970s in stock as well.) You'll likely find Peter & team today in the same place he was in 1978—providing quality used vehicles and service at Riverview.

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